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Crafting Eco-friendly Paper Plates from Rice Bran and Sugarcane Residue. We are dedicated to transforming agricultural residue into sustainable and biodegradable tableware solutions. Our passion for preserving the environment drives us to create eco-friendly products that go beyond being just another paper plate. With a focus on utilizing rice bran, sugarcane, and other food grain waste, we are committed to nourishing nature and promoting a greener tomorrow.

Crafting Eco-friendly Paper Plates from Rice Bran and Sugarcane Residue


Our Sustainable Mission

At Manish Innovations, we believe in the power of innovation and environmental consciousness. Our products are more than just a means to serve food; they are a statement of sustainability. By utilizing agricultural waste such as rice husk and rice straw, we bring you biodegradable plates, cups, and packaging containers. Our tableware has a shelf life of 10 to 12 months and can withstand all kinds of food and liquids, making them the perfect eco-conscious choice.

1. Environmental Impact

Choosing our eco-friendly tableware means choosing a greener future. Our products are designed to be fully biodegradable, breaking down naturally over time and leaving no harmful residues.

2. The Eco-friendly Process

At agreenindia, the journey of transforming agricultural waste into biodegradable plates and cutlery is both innovative and responsible. Our eco-friendly process provides sustanability.

3. Crafting with Love and Care

We believe that sustainability begins with conscious creation. When you choose our biodegradable plates, you’re choosing products crafted with love and care. Our team work diligently to smooth the edges and perfect the finish of each plate.

4. Join the Green Movement

At agreenindia, we invite you to join the green movement and become a part of our mission to nurture nature. By choosing our eco-friendly tableware, you are taking a step towards a sustainable lifestyle and a cleaner planet.

Our Research

Why Choose Green Lifestyle?

100% Biodegradable

Our tablewares are made from Sugarcane Bagasse, which naturally breaks down into organic matter, leaving behind no harmful residues.

Microwave and Freezer Safe

Enjoy the convenience of reheating and storing food in our tablewares without any concerns.

Oil and Water-Resistant

Our products are designed to withstand oil and water without compromising their integrity.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Sustainable & Pure Material

Natural Decomposition

Safe for Nature and Health

Our solutions

Why Choose Biodegradable Tablewares?

At Manish Innovations, we take pride in being a leading provider of eco-friendly tableware made from agricultural waste. Choosing us means making a conscious decision to contribute to a sustainable future while enjoying the convenience of high-quality biodegradable products.

vision for the future

Heal Our Mother Earth with Green Lifestyle

Green Lifestyle is more than just a brand; it’s a pledge to heal our mother earth. Our eco-friendly tablewares are not only safe for you and your family but also for the environment. Made from 100% Sugarcane Bagasse, our products are free from harmful chemicals and are biodegradable, making them a perfect alternative to conventional plastic and styrofoam tablewares.

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